Turning Point

A Turning Point: Images to Words is a book that seeks, along with the reader, to answer some of life's great questions. Seventy contemplative, evocative photographs by artist Victor Gagliardi are matched up with snatches of philosophical writings on subjects like Happiness, Friendship, Love and Relationships from some of the world's great thinkers. A unique gift book for a turning-point birthday.


A Turning Point-Images to Words is a 156-page hardcover book sized at 11" x 12", printed in Verona, Italy by Editoriale Bortolazzi-Stei, one of the finest bookmakers in the world.


Each copy is hand signed by Victor Gagliardi and is a wonderful addition for any collector of books or photography.


Also available in a hand bound Italian leather limited-edition produced by Officinal Libris featuring a framed raised cover image.

Every gift comes with a card describing the inspiration behind it. Read story card text